The FLY WARRIORS team is a blend of Australian, Argentinian, French and Venezuelan Free Fly flavors. David Nimmo and Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendez, after leaving Babylon Freefly, joined forces with VFS Team 4 Speed member Raph Coudray. Adding Gustavo Cabana´s experience behind the lens, has resulted in a great mix of talent. Free Fly harder, faster, safer.

Combining our experience with angle and vertical flying, allows us to offer a great variety on teaching flying methods, as well to organize Free Fly events and records . Our experience adds up to more than 70.000 jumps, 4.000 tunnel hours, multiple World Championship victories, World Records in Belly/HeadUp/HeadDown.

With more than 100 years combined time in the sport makes us one of the most experience Free Fly teams on the planet.

All Team
Luis Lopez-Mendez

Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendez

  • Multiple Venezuelan national champion in CP, CF and Free Fly!
  • Full time road Warrior organizing at events all over the world
  • Organizer of European Head Up and Head Down records
  • Jumping for 17 years with 16,000 jumps
  • 800+ tunnel hours
  • Jumps a Micron and a PD Valkyrie 84
David Nimmo

David Nimmo

  • Left Australia in 1997, with a desire to ‘just free fly’. He has managed to keep to this promise and not succumb to any other form of teaching or instruction (a true Warrior!)
  • Jumping for 23 years and 23,000 jumps.
  • Organizer of World and European Head Up and Head Down records
  • Jumps a Micron and a PD Valkyrie 84
Raph Coudray

Raphaël Coudray

  • Skydiver since 23 years
  • Instructor and tunnel coach since 2003, first french freefly coach in tunnel
  • 18 000 jumps, 5 000 hours of tunnel
  • 3 times VFS World Champion (2010, 2012, 2014)
  • First 4 way Dynamic World Champion in tunnel
  • 4 time European Champion, in VFS and Freefly
  • 4 time World cup winner, in VFS and Freefly
  • 16 time french Champion in many disciplines (FS, VFS, Freefly, accuracy and style)
  • Co-world recordman Up right (72) head down (164), and Belly (400)
  • Tandem instructor, AFF instructor

Gustavo Cabana

  • Filmed every world record in every discipline!!
  • Jumped a camera for 25 years
  • Jumping for 28 years with 20,000 jumps
  • Jumps a Micron and a PD Spectre 135

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